Three Ways Ink Can Help Your Campus Save Money

Ink recognizes that being a good partner means providing exceptional services and products at low-cost prices. Budgeting and financial forecasting is crucial to every institution’s information technology planning. Here are three ways Ink is a cost-effective option for today’s Smart Campus.

Students bring in necessary revenue

Ink partnerships are constructed to satisfy both the student and partner institutions. With this in mind, Ink keeps user printing costs low while working with partner institutions to provide the most cost-efficient model possible. Dependent upon the institution’s policy to forego charging the student directly or otherwise allotting printing funds, one way Ink achieves this is through our “no cost print management agreement,” in which Ink provides an all-inclusive print management solution at no cost to the institution partner. This includes everything needed for students to easily print, scan, share or send files and relies on student revenue to cover costs.

  • No charge to the institution partner if the minimum annual print volume is met or exceeded: If the minimum annual print volume is not met, Ink would bill the difference.
  • Smart Station installation is included at no additional cost.
  • Institutions have the option of including the photo printer feature on kiosks.
  • Ink helps launch promotion materials for students on the new Smart Stations.
  • Ink provides network monitoring, troubleshooting and technical assistance to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ink also offers a Smart Station leasing option. To learn more, contact us.

Smart Stations take up less space than traditional printing solutions

The goal of implementing Ink Smart Stations is to enhance the campus and student experience, not hinder them. Ink’s free-standing kiosks are 70 inches tall, 24.2 inches wide, and 32.2 inches deep, and can be installed anywhere on campus, including academic buildings, libraries, unions, dorms and other common spaces. With a network of Smart Stations on campus, schools can use computer labs traditionally designated for printing as valuable learning spaces instead. Meanwhile, students can print, share and send files from the cloud, mobile devices and USB drives, or send files directly from their computer anywhere, anytime.

Ink Smart Stations require less maintenance than their alternatives

Partnering with Ink frees up resources of campus staff members that once had to manage outdated and inefficient printers and computer labs. Other campus printers require the attention (time) and physical/virtual troubleshooting (maintenance) of campus IT or computer lab staff. In contrast, Ink collaborates with the institution on a variety of maintenance duties. Ink provides phone and web support available 24/7. Any issues unresolved by an Ink phone or web support technician will be escalated to an Ink custodial partner who will respond to the matter within a specified period of time.

We take care of in-person technician support to resolve printer related matter within four hours and hardware related repairs (e.g. broken monitor) by the next business day. And, in the event of a Smart Station replacement, if needed, is completed within five business days for the life of the agreement. In addition, the Ink Smart Station requires less maintenance:

  • Six times less software errors: Typical print management apps are responsible for keeping tabs on over 1,000 printer models and only update their software once per year as a result. InkCloud is only responsible for the Smart Station and updates dynamically.
  • Self-monitoring smart device: Ink Smart Stations jam six times less than a normal printer by monitoring humidity, temperature levels, ink per photo and other factors to ensure high quality prints every time.
  • Software integration: Ink offers a print management solution suite that covers all the bases, and is compatible with your school’s authentication, OneCard, and management system to meet your IT needs.

Want to learn more? Set up a demo of the Ink SmartStation today.

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