The Breakdown: Ink’s Smart Solutions For Campus

The Smart Campus is here, and with it comes the need for exceptional services and innovative tech features. The Ink Smart Station, creates a continuous experience from every device. From printing documents and photos, to scanning, faxing and copying, the SmartStation is designed to radically change your expectation of how the printing process should look and work for you. Each description below highlights a feature of the Ink SmartStation, including analysis of it’s value in serving the modern college population.

Ink Smart Station
As an all-in-one kiosk designed to serve the needs of today’s student, the SmartStation acts as the ultimate solution for the Smart Campus. But the Smart Station offers much more than simply printing services. Below is each feature of the Ink Smart Station.

  • Print: Users can create or share a print job from any device and release it at any SmartStation. Send files from your personal laptop, smartphone, desktop- any source you need.
  • Photo: Get your memories in dazzling quality. Print images from Instagram, Facebook, your phone or the cloud in seconds.
  • Copy: Duplicate any document or book directly from the Smart Station in a matter of seconds. Reliable and crisp in detail, make copies fast and continue on your way.
  • Fax: Instead of tracking down a fax machine, users can send files from the web, a tablet, phone or the Smart Station. Transport your documents where they need to be in an efficient manner.
  • Scan: Scan a document or book at any station and save, send or share it to numerous compatible applications.
  • Sign: Sign documents from the web, a tablet, phone or directly at the SmartStation. Allows for easy, trusted solution for things like signing a lease or work form without the hassle of printing out, signing then scanning or faxing to a final destination.
  • Mail: Select a photo or document to mail, tell us where to send it and consider it done. Available on the web, a tablet, phone or directly at the SmartStation. Making standard mail an uncommonly pleasant process.
  • InkDrive: InkDrive is the software that allows students to log into a station, store files, connect to other cloud services, like Google Drive or Dropbox. Since Ink printers are cloud-based, smart cloud storage also allows students to share files with others and check to see how they interact with them.

What does “print anything, anywhere, anytime” mean?
Ink’s Smart Station technology means students can print, share and send files from the cloud, their mobile devices and USB drives, or send files directly from their computer anywhere, anytime. This includes the ability to send files from a device into a queue, then print immediately at any Smart Station. Having multiple ways to share files with less hassle means students can save time and spare themselves the headache of traditional printing solutions.

Community Benefits
Students - The importance of connectivity and lightning-quick solutions is critical to meet the needs and expectations of the user. College students juggle personal and academic responsibilities, deadlines and packed schedules and have no time for inefficiencies in simple tasks. With an intuitive user experience and seamless integration with Dropbox, Google Drive and other apps, the Ink Smart Station reduces the printing experience from a cumbersome 10 minutes to under 30 seconds. The all-in-one features of the Smart Station offers students a variety of options to fulfill their needs and continue with their day.

Institutions - Providing remarkable services helps attract and retain enrollees. Colleges and universities must be able to deliver on the evolving daily needs and mobile activities of today’s students, who are coming to college with an average of seven unique smart devices. What the Ink Smart Station does for the mobile student experience is what a sleek dining hall or new recreational center does for the physical amenities of a campus: it creates an immediate value for the main constituents of the community.

Ink offers more than a printer. It's a smart device that supports the drive of students to learn and express themselves and the unique way they do it. The SmartStation is intelligent, connected, empathetic and familiar. By offering features beyond the standard “print, copy and fax” of yesterday’s machines, the Ink Smart Station meets the complex needs of college students and creates a simple process with an impressive output.

Want to learn more? Contact us to see how the Ink SmartStation can transform your campus.

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