More Than Just a Printer: Ink SmartStation’s Mail, Fax and Scan Features

The Ink SmartStation was designed to meet the needs of today’s college student throughout their technology-driven interactions on campus. That’s why users can print anything, anywhere, anytime. But the SmartStation is more than just another printer. Classic document-sharing options like mailing, faxing and scanning materials are featured at Ink SmartStations, available in an easy to use, modern style. Check out a few product features below that make the Ink SmartStation more than just a printer, but a smart device that supports the drive of students to learn and express themselves in a unique way.

Sending materials using the tried and true method of mail carrying services is now easier. All users need to do is select their photo or document, enter where to send it and consider it done. The mailing service is available on the web, a tablet, phone, or directly at the SmartStation. This feature is perfect for sending documents, high-quality photo prints (another feature of the SmartStation), or even cards to family or friends, all without the hassle of going to the post office and waiting in line.

The Ink SmartStation makes it easy to use fax features without having to deal with an outdated faxing process. Instead of tracking down a fax machine, users can send files from the web, a tablet, phone, or the SmartStation itself. Students are able to send any document they need to get somewhere, like a lease to a property manager or an academic form for their advisor. Even in today’s ultra-digital world, students encounter situations where they need to send physical materials to someone elsewhere. Ink gets the job done quickly so students can continue moving through campus.

Scan a document or book at any SmartStation and save, send or share it to numerous compatible applications. Having the choice and ability to turn a physical document into a digital representation is crucial for students away at school. Being able to scan pages of a textbook or novel for a college course allows students to bring materials with them on the go using a mobile device, or access them later from their dorm room, apartment, home, library, dining hall – wherever. The easy-to-use scan feature on the SmartStation is a true embodiment of Ink’s "anywhere, anything, anytime” way of thinking.

Ink products are the hub of today’s Smart Campus. Interested in learning more? Set up a demo to see how Ink’s solutions and product features meet students’ need on today’s college campus.

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