Meeting the Expectations of Today’s Digital Student

Can you visualize today’s typical college student?

Walking quickly across campus during a jam-packed day, they likely have a smartphone in hand and a few more devices in their backpack. They expect access to limitless amounts of information in a matter of seconds—anytime, anywhere. They are constantly connected all while juggling their classes, studying, family, social lives and other responsibilities.

This means today’s student can be categorized as a digital student, someone with high expectations for their school with and no time for technological inefficiencies. Identifying, understanding and acting on the importance of connectivity and excellent campus solutions is critical to meet the needs of the digital student.

Fostering the student experience
College students enter school with an average of seven unique smart devices. Students expect their institutions will provide the optimal experience, and with the levels of tuition and fees seen across the country, colleges and universities must deliver to satisfy their students. Ink partners with institutions to help foster the student experience. Specifically, the Ink SmartStation provides the high-quality, fast and trusted user experience necessary to keep college students satisfied and moving on with their day.

Simple process, brilliant results
Each day, college students are faced with countless decisions that impact their studies and personal lives. Many choices revolve around scheduling and time management, in questions like “When and where will I study today?” and “When will I fit in meals and personal activities?” When it comes to a simple yet important task like printing out a midterm, presentation or thesis for class or making copies from a book for studying, college students will not accept dealing with inefficient printing options on campus. Ink offers an intuitive, streamlined printing process with the highest quality physical results.

Flexibility and Device Connectivity
Our slogan “print anything, anywhere, anytime” means students can print, share and send files from the cloud, their mobile devices and USB drives, or send files directly from their computer anywhere, anytime. This includes the ability to send files from a device into a queue, then print immediately once you are in front of any SmartStation. Using Ink products adds value to the digital college student’s day, rather than taking away precious time and hurting their experience.

Colleges and universities that encourage a physical and cyber-setting are either on their way to becoming or already are a Smart Campus. Here at Ink, we offer more than a printer. It's a smart device that supports the drive of students to learn and express themselves and the unique way they do it.

See how Ink’s printing solutions can improve the student experience on your campus.

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