How Self-Monitoring Printers Work – And Why They’re Important

The evolution of technology is transforming the way people interact with each other and the machines around us, including how we learn and the production of goods and services. Self-monitoring devices have emerged within society’s increased capabilities of modern technology. These smart machines are programmed to monitor and regulate device functions, requiring less human oversight, maintenance time and troubleshooting from information technology professionals. When self-monitoring devices are able to detect issues and keep their systems running at full capacity, the possibilities are endless. Here’s more on the Ink SmartStation, detailing how – and why – self-monitoring printers are helpful to campuses.

The SmartStation
Ink SmartStations are made to be self-monitoring machines in order to meet the expectations of our busy, on-the-go users on college campuses. As a cutting-edge printing solution designed with priorities of efficiency and user-friendliness, Ink kiosks get the job done right over and over, 24/7/365. SmartStations jam six times less than a normal printer by monitoring internal pain points including humidity, temperature levels and ink per photo to ensure high quality prints every time. Since SmartStations include a variety of features like professional-grade photo prints and seamless scanning, it is crucial that kiosks perform at the highest level to serve students, faculty and everyone else who seeks exceptional services in their printing solutions.

Why It Matters
Offering Ink SmartStations throughout campus has numerous benefits to students and faculty. By monitoring potential internal hiccups, SmartStations promote quick and easy experiences for all users. This reduces the excessive time students typically spend at campus computer labs waiting to get in front of a printing computer, logging into their account, finding their documents and files, putting in payment information, confirming the job has been sent to the right printer, and checking the quality of the prints themselves before leaving the lab. Ink helps get the job done faster, reducing the printing experience from a cumbersome 10 minutes to under 30 seconds.

Campus IT professionals will also spend far less time maintaining Ink SmartStations than older printing solutions. An assistant vice chancellor for IT services at a partner campus, says, “Because we outsourced the entire [printing] service, we aren’t spending money on maintenance. If there was a paper jam, someone in accounting might spend 20 minutes to issue a refund for nine cents.” Ink’s self-monitoring printing solutions mean IT professionals and campus workers can dedicate their time to other important responsibilities.

The Ink SmartStation is more than just a printer, it’s a smart device that supports the drive of students to learn and express themselves and the unique way they do it. Want to learn more? Contact us to find out how we can best support your campus.

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