Ink Labs: A New Kind Of Campus Printing Solution

What comes to mind when hearing the term “campus printer?” For many, that will invoke the image of a slow-moving, perpetually low-on-ink desktop printer in a student’s dorm room. For others, it will conjure the image of clunky industrial machines which are almost always too difficult to navigate – with endless options and icons to choose from.

Thanks to smart technology and a customer-focused approach, the inconveniences of traditional printing solutions are being addressed.

No longer tied to computer labs
With students increasingly bringing laptops and other smart devices with them to school, traditional computer labs are becoming less necessary on campuses. However, many institutions still use these labs as designated printing areas. Smart print kiosks serve as a more streamlined alternative, as they can be positioned in different areas on campus allowing students to print, share and send their files from their computer, mobile devices, USB drives or the cloud. Expanding printing options beyond the dorm room and computer labs makes printing more accessible and easy to do on the go. Untethering printing from computer labs frees up space and allows institutions increased flexibility in how they design and use shared learning spaces.

Less maintenance, more efficiency
Campus IT departments are responsible for managing or coordinating maintenance of printer equipment and software. Since it’s possible each of those fall under separate vendor partners, that may mean making multiple phone calls to customer support when an issue arises. Self-monitoring smart devices allow for automatic updates by regulating different equipment factors, like humidity, temperature levels and ink per photo, which can result in six times less software errors and jams.

Easier to use
Traditional printers can leave even the savviest of tech users confused. But, printing, copying and scanning doesn’t have to be a daunting task. New printing technology infuses intuitive user experience with seamless integration with applications students are already using, like Dropbox and Google Drive. Smart printing can shave down the average 10-minute printing experience to under 30 seconds, making printing as simple and easy as renting a movie at a Redbox kiosk.

Pay for what you get
When selecting to print in color, the entire print job is charged at the rate designated for color printing. Smart technology makes it possible to adjust that price to only charge color printing for pages that require colored ink. The ability to differentiate between black and white pages and color pages in one print job means that students, or the institution if students print at no cost, are paying for exactly what they ask for – making smart printing solutions more cost effective.

Colleges and universities can now count on innovative models to help them ditch antiquated printing solutions and move to printers better suited to today’s students.

Interested in upgrading your old solution? Set up a demo of the Ink SmartStation today.

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